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following are part of the skeletal system Ligaments,Bones, Cartilage All of the following are functions of the skeletal system Provide a rigid framework for the body,Produce red blood cells,Support and protect the soft organs of the body What happens when the blood calcium level decreases? Calcium is released from the bones What is the term for the formation of blood cells? Hematopoiesis Where does blood cell formation take place? Red bone marrow The microscopic units of compact bone are known as: Osteons What is located in an osteonic canal? Blood vessel provide a passageway through the bone matrix Canaliculi the following are characteristics of long bones in an adult Consists primarily of compact bone,Found in the leg and arm,Consists of a long shaft with bulky ends Spongy bone is composed of plates of bone known as: Trabeculae made up of flat bones Bones of the cranium The shaft of a long bone is known as the: Diaphysis located in the medullary cavity of a long bone Yellow bone marrow covers the ends of long bones Articular cartilage Where do long bones grow in length? Epiphyseal plate What is the tough fibrous connective tissue that covers a long bone? Periosteum What is the term for the process of bone formation? Ossification Which of the following is a mature bone cell? Osteocyte How many bones make up the adult human skeleton? 206 The axial skeleton consists Bones of the head,Vertebral column,Ribs Which of the following bones make up the cranium? Frontal,Occipital,Temporal, Etmoid Which of the following forms the upper jaw? Maxillary bones The malleus, incus, and stapes make up the: Auditory ossicles What is the U-shaped bone in the neck that forms a base for the tongue? Hyoid bone How many vertebrae make up the vertebral column? 26 What is the large central opening in a vertebra Vertebral foramen Which of the following make up the small of the back? Lumbar vertebrae What is the name of the tailbone? Coccyx function of the thoracic cage Protects the heart,Supports the bones of the shoulder girdle,Protects the lungs The most inferior part of the sternum is Xiphoid process attach to the sternum directly True ribs What is the primary function of the appendicular skeleton? Movement The clavicle and scapula make up the: Pectoral girdle The function of the pelvic girdle includes Provides support for the weight of the body,Provides support and protection for the intestines,Attaches the lower extremities to the axial skeleton synarthrotic joint Suture in the skull An amphiarthrosis is: Slightly movable articular cartilage Hyaline cartilage What is the function of synovial fluid? Lubrication What is the name of a fluid-filled sac that reduces friction? Bursae Which of the following joints has the widest range of movement? Ball and socket hinge joint Knee Acetabulum Holds the head of the femur Acromion process Point of the shoulder Carpal bones Wrist bones Clavicle Collarbone Coxal bones Made up by the ilium, ishium, and pubis Femur Thigh bone Fibula Bone on the lateral side of the leg Glenoid cavity Where head of humerus connects to the scapula Humerus Upper arm bone Skeletal System