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Scarlet Letter: Study and Reading Guide Questions

Scarlet Letters: Chapters 3-5

Chapter 3
1. Describe the white man (the stranger) in the community
2. How does the stranger respond when he and Hester see one another?
3. Why does the stranger consider himself himself a Native American?
4. What does the stranger ask Hester to do?
5. How does the older minister react when Hester refuses to name the father of her baby?

Chapter 4
1. What does Chillingworth do for a living?
2. How does Chillingworth view the Native Americans' skills with medicines?
3. How does Hester respond to Chillingworth wanting to give Pearl medicine and why?
4. How did Chillingworth say that he sinned against Hester?
5. What is Chillingworth's plan for Hester?

Chapter 5
1. Why does Hester stay despite being castigated by her village for her sin?
2. Where does Hester actually live?
3. What does Hester do to earn money?
4. How does wearing the Scarlet Letter affect how Hester feels about her fellow citizens?
5. What does Hester do with extra money she doesn't use to care for her daughter or herself?