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Short stories at East of the Web

There are a number of different stories taken from Short stories at East of the Web, a web site full of interesting stories for you to read and review. You can read comments made by other readers and evaluate the story by giving them stars.

You will find the stories in different categories: terror, crime, humour, science fiction and fiction. We hope that you enjoy reading them.

One for each taste....

Letter from the understudy by Kathryn Simmonds
An apology from an actor involved in some drama outside of working hours.

Impersonating Elvis by Polly Nelson.
Pretending to be an Elvis look-alike could get you into trouble.

The Confession by Guy de Maupassant.
Suzanne stays at the bedside of her dying sister, who she has lived with her whole life.

The Card by James Ross
The only thing I ever got off my old man was a birthday card when I was ten.

The Archipelago by A.C. Tillyer
They live in the world's safest place, but are seized with an irrational fear. The locals begin to take drastic precautions to protect themselves.

The Monkey´s paw by W.W. Jacobs

Zippo by James Ross
A man tells a friend about a disturbing, recurring dream.

Death of Kapsak by Crispin Oduobuk
A husband's suspicions concerning his wife's fidelity are aroused.


Hobnail by Crystal Arbogast.
Scary bedtime story about a mother and daughter's night-time journey home.

A resumed identity by Ambrose Bierce.
Late one night, a mysterious man witnesses the strangely silent movement of a large army.

The Mask of the Red Death. by Edgar Allan Poe
As a hideous pestilence sweeps his lands, Prince Prospero seals himself in his castle and prepares a fabulous party.

The Return by Fernando Sorrentino
A man is the only witness to an accidental killing and the bizzarre set of events which occur.

The Tell Tale heart by Edgar Allan Poe
Do you think he's mad? Nervous? True! - but you should see how wisely he carries out his plan.

Science Fiction

http://www.eastoftheweb.com/short-stories/UBooks/TheyMade.shtmlby Terry Bisson
A conversation about an unusual discovery.

The hedgehogby Saki
Mrs Match Mallard takes her rivalry with Mrs. Dole into the realm of the supernatural.

Professor Panini by Matthew Grigg
[Professor Panini is too clever for his own good.

A most ambitious experiment. by Mike Krath
A perfectly simple time travel experiment is made increasingly complex by the involvement of the inventor's other half.


Phase in Space. by Paul O'Neil
Humourous tale of how the world could be.

The disappearance of Crispina Umberleigh by Saki
A domineering wife and mother unobtrusively and inexplicably disappears.

The Spirit of Emulation by Fernando Sorrentino
Rivalry erupts among the inhabitants of an apartment building.

The Man who married himself. by Charlie Fish
The frank account of one man who found his perfect partner.
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