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Fossils test review

Chap. 5 test review

1. Describe the typical conditions necessary for fossil formation.
2. Explain how a fossil mold is different from a fossil cast.
3. Discuss how the characteristics of an index fossil are useful for geologist.
4. Describe how carbon films form.
5. Describe how to find the oldest paper in a stack of papers.
6. Explain the concept of relative age.
7. What is a disconformity?
8. Describe one way to correlate similar rock layers.
9. Evaluate the age of rocks? You find 3 undisturbed rock layers. The middle layer is 120 million years old. What can you say about the ages of the rock layers above and below?
10. Determine of a fossil if it had only one eighth of its original carbon-14 content remaining?(pg. 138)
11. Explain the concept of uniformitarianism.
12. Describe how radioactive isotopes decay?
(alpha, beta)